Perhaps a Man Can Change the Stars

Pursuing Your Potential: How One Person Can Change the Stars


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Inside these pages, you will discover three invaluable lessons that will propel you closer to your true potential. The lessons will serve you well on the road towards triumph, or in handling tough times.  In 2003 the author, Bob Stearns was on top of the world.  He led a Pittsburgh based company to win the most prestigious business award in the country, the Malcolm Baldrige award.

Just five short years later, tragedy struck.  Bob's oldest son Eric was walking on the sidewalk and was struck by a car while on a study abroad trip in Athens, Greece and died from his injuries.  Eric was 21 years old at the time and was a junior at Penn State University.  Although Eric lost his precious life in Greece, he found something under the pillars of the Acropolis that many people search for their entire lifetimes.  He found inner peace in the knowledge that he could truly be anything he wanted to be, he could do anything he wanted to with his life.

In his book "Perhaps a Man Can Change the Stars - Eric's Pursuit of Perpetual Potential", Bob shares with you three life lessons that allowed Eric to understand his true potential.  Those same lessons helped Bob and his family deal with Eric's death.  These lessons enabled Bob to lead his company to triumph five years earlier.

A key take away from the book is that no matter at what stage of life you find yourself, you have the potential to explore.  You have the potential to utilize and grow the talents and aspirations that you currently have. You have the potential to rekindle old talents that lie dormant, and to allow new talents to blossom.  This is true regardless of age, circumstances, and what other people may be telling us. So read, explore and think deeply about how you can apply these three lessons.  Decide for yourself how you can best use them.  Indeed, our Potential is Perpetual!


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